Robin Borneman

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Robin Borneman performing at Poppodium Duycker on October 14, 2017

"I'll see you at The Crossroads."

Robin Borneman’s recent life is best described as a musical novel, as a boy’s dream come true: In 2013 the singer from The Netherlands was discovered on YouTube by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), an American progressive rockband. With over 10 million records and many more concert tickets sold, TSO is one of the most successful rock-productions of our time. The founder of TSO; legendary rock-producer Paul O’ Neill was so impressed by Robin’s ‘whiskey-voice’ that he immediately offered him a solid spot in the band. And Robin’s been with TSO ever since; touring two months a year, performing for millions of people in arenas all over the US and Europe. Rocking a crowd of 80.000 people at Wacken Open Air in Germany in 2015 was one of the many highlights. In his own words: “It’s as if you get a call-up for mandatory military service and upon arrival they immediately promote you to General!”

Robin BornemanRobin BornemanRobin Borneman performing at Poppodium Duycker on October 14, 2017


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